Australian Wildlife Bush Tales
by Margaret Skeel

Archimedes and the Wheel

Bush Tales

These stories are about my experiences, studying, and caring for wild animals over many years.

I live in Australia in the bush, where as a biologist, I have a lot of contact with wildlife. Also, as a qualified rescuer and carer for the Wildlife Information and Rescue Service (WIRES) of New South Wales, I often rescue hurt animals or have animals in care.

Most of the hurt animals have been injured by encounter with cars. In many cases I can do is make the animal as comfortable as possible and provide it a safe place to die. Then they are buried and their tiny souls committed to whatever creative force made all this happen.

Sometimes I struggle to help them live and in the best cases we have happy ending where I am able to release them back to the wild. They are usually pleased to fly or run away. Having accepted captivity, and because they associate me with their discomfort, they are quick to flee when given the chance.

I, however, make it into a kind of ceremony, which rewards me for the hard of saving an animal's life. Sometimes I take a friend who photographs the occasion or take a photo or two myself to commemorate the occasion. (See Photo Journal 2 - the Tiny Lives) - even through the animal may not recognise me as a friend, I am that to them, and may heart flies with my patients as I watch them go.

Some of the happiest stories of all though come from one of the saddest misfortunes and that is to be orphaned. These little animals bond with me as their mother and our relationship deepens in a way that it never can with a wild adult animal. It is these stories that form the bulk of the Bush Tales. Some of them are written in the first person and others are written through the eyes of M'gee, a much better carer than I will ever beI hope you and your children enjoy them.

These tales are presented with the first chapter only, with the exception of  The Story of Wubin  which is a short story and complete. The completed stories of the Bush Tales online are under construction, please check back at a later date. ~ M. Skeel

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