Australian Wildlife Stories & Pictures
Author: Margaret Skeel

Margaret Skeel

About the Author

M. Skeel was born in Oregon where her interest in natural ecosystems and wildlife began. Over the years she studied Elephant Seals and Stellar's Sea Lions off the coast of California, tundra insects in Alaska, game birds in Canada, and spiders in New Zealand.

For seven years she worked as a Fisheries Biologist, unravelling the mysteries of mudworms in oysters. She has published several scientific papers and has a species of New Zealand spider named after her in recognition of her discovery of a number of new species.

(Neoramia margaretae)

After settling in Australia, she and her partner bought land with the idea of protecting it as a nature reserve. Over the years she has studied much of the unique wildlife that live there, including wallabies and kangaroos, possums and platypus, over a hundred species of birds, plus snakes and lizards, fish, frogs and insects. In order to finance the preservation of their land, she became a teacher and began looking for ways to teach children and teenagers about native Australian animals and to pass on some of what she had learned.

She also gained her wildlife rescue qualifications and regularly looks after injured and orphaned wildlife, many of whom have become the characters of her stories. The stories she has written are based on real animals even though they are fictionalised accounts. Her main purpose it to reveal the worlds of these little known creatures so that they will be understood, protected and preserved for future generations. She is married and has two grown sons.

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